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Amy Littleson

How can you not love Amy Littleson? She has the most infectious smile and through her warm and sincere blog and instagram posts, it is easy to become friends with Amy. . . even if you’ve never met her in person. “I dress like I am ready for a cocktail party or a beach getaway, decorate like my girlfriends are on their way over for a drink, and travel to places that are difficult to get to but breathtaking once you do. In all of these aspects, you can find me attempting to live out, and inspire, a positive and colorful life,” says Amy.


Amy reached out as her plans to move to NYC finalized. We were thrilled to know that Amy wanted to use some of our pieces in her apartment, and positively giddy to later learn from Amy and her interior designer, Adnan Anwar, that her Fete Home tablescape inspired the blue and green color palette for her entire apartment! Amy’s tabletop feels fresh and young, pulled-together and practical. It is also a smart investment in that over time Amy and her boyfriend, Johnny, can add to their Blue Flower Dinnerware Collection. See below for Amy and Adnan’s inspiration and tabletop tips. And, read more about Amy’s new NYC apartment and Dining Area on her blog, Amy Believes in Pink.

Fete Home: What’s the inspiration for today’s table?

Amy Littleson: The inspiration and thought process here was to tie in the navy (and touch of green!) that’s throughout our apartment in a welcoming and inviting way. It’s a tablescape that can work all year round, so I count it as practical... despite how gorgeous everything is. :)

Adnan Anwar: The blue flower plates—they inspired the color scheme for the whole apartment and their Continental, hand-painted flare inspired us to embrace eclecticism at the table. We mixed in tortoise shell, rattan, block printing, and white, even though those materials don’t “match.”

Fete Home: What’s your favorite item in this Fete Home collection?

Amy Littleson: I still am not over the tortoise flatware! It’s different than anything else I’ve seen and makes the table setting a little bolder and more masculine, with still being stylish and coordinating everything else.

Adnan Anwar: The confetti tumblers- They’re playful but refined, and light as a feather to hold.

Fete Home: What are your tips for creating a stylish table setting?

Amy Littleson: Find a playful centerpiece! My mom gifted us the potted topiary which is whimsical and makes a fun statement as soon as you enter the apartment and see the table.

Adnan Anwar: Avoid matched sets of plates. Mix solid colors with patterns. Buy cloth napkins and go down the rabbit hole of the million ways to fold them online. Find a beautiful pitcher for keeping ice water at the table.

Fete Home: What do you love about what you do for a living?

Amy Littleson: Sharing the ins and outs of how I try to incorporate color and joy into my life… and then connecting with and inspiring others to do the same!

Adnan Anwar: Building amazing friendships with my clients and empowering them to unleash their personal style at home.

Fete Home: What’s your go-to hostess gift?

Amy Littleson: A luxe candle or a cheeky set of cocktail napkins!

Adnan Anwar: Vintage coffee table book or accessory.

Fete Home: What’s the best party you’ve ever hosted and why?

Amy Littleson: This past spring we threw a surprise graduation ceremony for my sister at our home in Vero Beach, FL (since her graduation was cancelled due to Covid). It started with a socially-distanced champagne tour around the neighborhood (in a decked out convertible bug!) and ended with playing Elle Woods’ commencement speech and presenting a diploma we printed out in pink…

Adnan Anwar: Labor Day in Greece a few years ago- it was an amazing group of people and I had so much fun combining the decades of accumulated dishes at the villa with fresh produce from the markets and the property.

Fete Home: What's your go to song at Karaoke?

Amy Littleson : Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (it’s kind of my anthem).

Adnan Anwar: Before He Cheats though it’s a questionable choice with my vocal range.

Fete Home: Are you a good dancer?

Amy Littleson: I’m too short and awkward, but once I have a few drinks I think I’m REALLY good.

Adnan Anwar: Absolutely not… too tall and awkward!

Fete Home: What 3 movies would you bring with you to a desert island?

Amy Littleson: Sweet Home Alabama, The Grinch, and my home videos (does that count?!)

Adnan Anwar: The Graduate and the Devil Wears Prada for sure. TBD on the 3rd. Perhaps the Parent Trap?

photos via @pret.a.photo

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