FETE HOME AMBASSADOR / A Style Icon We've Chosen To Represent Our New Bohemian Collection

Bettina Prentice

Bettina Prentice emanates style. Her keen sartorial sense has landed her on best dressed lists for years but it is her ethereal, warm manner that makes her so much fun to be around. Her home is filled with color and texture, every wall is adorned with a piece of art and tables are bursting with well-loved books, sculpture, objets, buddhas and even an abandoned bird’s nest.

The cultural strategist and curator founded Prentice Cultural a decade ago and has shaped the trajectory of some of the most exciting names in the culture. Her “sweet spot” is strategic alliances between artists and luxury brands like The Peninsula Hotel, for whom she is co-curating a global art program. And on top of all that she is a mother to two adoring young children and a mixed breed named Harry Hood.

We aren’t the only ones gushing – you may recognize the native New Yorker from profiles in Vogue, New York Magazine and WWD.

We are ecstatic that she is our New Bohemian Ambassador. Her home, which she describes as a “work in progress” is a perfect manifestation of her sublime approach to life. When she hosts friends for dinner or one of her many godchildren for tea she effortlessly creates an atmosphere of ease and beauty to encourage everyone to sit back and enjoy the moment. Read on for tips and inspiration from Bettina! And, be sure to follow her on Instagram at @BettinaPrentice.

Fete Home: What's Your Inspiration for Today's Table?

Bettina Prentice: I live for color as you can see from my apartment. I wanted to put together a soft but colorful palette that was immediately inviting. It is peony season and I have been aching to use this marble bowl from Morocco as a low vessel for flowers.

Fete Home: What's you favorite item in this Fete Home collection?

Bettina Prentice: I love the rattan chargers for texture, they make a huge difference and are large enough that you can fit a dinner plate, water and wine glasses on them. And I am buying up all the plates. There may be none left by the time this is published. The variations in blush are so subtle and so pretty and you can pop them straight into the dishwasher.

Fete Home: What are your tips for creating a stylish table setting?

Bettina Prentice: I love tabletops that are feminine and lush, with low floral arrangements. And you can never have too many candles but make sure that they are no drip – I personally like Bolsius.

Fete Home: What do you love about what you do for a living?

Bettina Prentice: Being a cultural strategist allows me to work with artists, which is so rewarding. I’m honored to guide luxury brands in becoming modern day patrons of the arts. Their patronage allows artists to realize complex projects they wouldn’t normally have the funding to create. Working with The Peninsula in particular has been such an honor, they are supporting artists on a scale that I never dreamt was possible.

Fete Home: What are you most inspired by?

Bettina Prentice: My group of friends are all ambitious, hard working mothers who are breaking new ground in their fields. They don’t allow that success to distract them from making the world a kinder place one gesture at a time.

Fete Home: What's your go-to hostess gift?

Bettina Prentice: In the summer fresh flowers from the garden, already in a vase so the hostess isn’t scrambling to find a vessel. In the winter, a Moon Deck by my friends Aarona Lea and Andi Keh.


Fete Home: Why do you love to entertain?


Bettina Prentice: I love to host and bring people together. I put on events for 10 years and my team always looked to me to bring the guest perspective. How can we set a table, a playlist, a mood and lighting so everyone has a really lovely night and makes new friends. Life is short and our time is precious, I love seeing others happy.

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