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Elisabeth Jones-Hennessy

Elisabeth Jones-Hennessy exudes glamour. She spent ten years as a buyer for the luxury department stores Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC after which she became CEO for the US division of By Kilian. With her now husband, Kilian Hennessy, she splits her time between Paris and New York and shares all things wonderful and stylish on her digital diary. Elisabeth's NYC apartment, like her, is sophisticated and refined. Our Holiday Collection worked well with her decor because with the our mercury glass items, the festive focus was on shimmer and sparkle. See more from Elisabeth on her digital diary, and read on for how Elisabeth makes the holidays special.

Fete Home: What's Your Inspiration for Today's Table?

Elisabeth Jones-Hennessy: The Holidays! I’m a huge fan of
mercury glass objects so it was fun to intermix the new pieces from Fete Home with touches of red and green for a festive and shiny holiday table.


Fete Home: What's always in your fridge? Are you always party-ready?

Elisabeth Jones-Hennessy: Typically yes! We have a full bar cart with your usual suspects and my fridge is always stocked full of both party and non-party beverages including wine, champagne, kombucha, fresh green juice, matcha almond milk latte, unsweetened iced green tea and your basic mixers including tonic water, seltzer water and lots of lime! My sons babysitter said my fridge was “her dream” when she grows up. I guess having a full fridge is an adulthood right of passage! HA!

Fete Home: If you could throw a party anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Elisabeth Jones-Hennessy: Marrakesh! The décor alone would be insanely magical…

Fete Home: What is your favorite item in this FH collection?

Elisabeth Jones-Hennessy: The mercury glass candlestick holders as, when the lights are dim, the flickering of the candle reflects beautifully off the glass.

Fete Home: With a limited budget to spend on party décor, what’s the most important thing you would you buy?

Elisabeth Jones-Hennessy: Flowers! You can go to the local deli to buy a nice bunch and either put the whole bouquet in a vase for the middle of your table or break them up into a few smaller bouquets scattered around the table. I personally like keeping the color monochromatic and be sure to choose a variety with a subtle scent or no scent at all!

Fete Home: What are your tips for creating a stylish table setting?


Elisabeth Jones-Hennessy: I love to create tables that reflect the season and occasion without being too dumbed down. You can't go wrong with a multi-tasking white or off-white plate and some shimmering candles. Keep any overhead lighting low. I love how these Fete Home ceramic pomegranates bring in just a touch of traditional holiday color.

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