Introducing the Minimalist Collection

When we think of minimalist design, so many images come to mind.

You might think of super sleek surfaces and cavernous rooms adorned with barely a piece of furniture. The effect is sophisticated and dramatic for sure, but can be a bit stark. That’s why we do minimalism with a dash of warmth and a splash of luxury.

There are other benefits to a minimalist design approach, as well: the less-is-more aesthetic naturally lends itself to de-cluttering and paring down to the objects you truly love and choose to keep in your home. We also love that simplicity and function go hand-in-hand with this trend—whether you’re talking about furniture or a chic accessory.

The great news is that there are tons of ways to do minimalism.

Spare but striking. Strong but subtle. Think of a black and white palette with metallic accents, graphic geometrics and sinuous curves. Clean lines and good flow are the priority of the day.

You may look around your “lived in” space and think, there’s no way. But seriously, you can do this! Here are some simple steps to bring your décor and entertaining that minimalist mystique.

See Things in Black and White

Honestly, there is no limit to the different ways you can bring a black & white palette to life. The bold contrast of this classic minimalist pairing—plus the fact that it literally goes with everything—means it’s a no-brainer for your décor arsenal. Right now, we are dying for these scrumptious plates (OK, maybe the fact that they look just like black & white cookies makes them scrumptious!). Pair with our stylized checkerboard linens and finish with easy flatware with a black wooden handle, and your table is set. Black & white throws, serving pieces, accessories—whether you’re looking for little touches or a canvas for your entire home, it works from floor to ceiling.

Be There Or Be Square (Or Triangular, Or Octagonal…)

Here’s our angle: a dramatic shape goes a long way. And before we get going with the geometry idioms, let’s talk about the what and the how. From the symmetry of squared salt and pepper shakers to the intricate patterns of an ikat tablecloth, you can use shape any way you like. Geometric shapes are the ideal complement to the otherwise straight-and-narrow lines of minimalism. We love these candleholders because combine the best of minimalism’s signature hue (black,) geometric form and the dramatic brass. The truth is, you can always find the perfect place for geometric objects—whether subtle or intricate, small scale or large. Just pick something you love and watch as your décor takes shape (see what we did there?).

Go Bold As Brass

The deep, rich tones that characterize brass will bring just the touch warmth you need—and you can use as much or as little as you like. For example, you can take your cocktail party game to the next level with this to-die-for ice bucket. And we believe that one of the best ways to telegraph your personal style is a unique accent—these sculptural pieces combine the best of both brass and geometric shapes. Or go for a sumptuous ginger jar, artfully placed on a pedestal or coffee table. Which brings us to the one of our favorite elements of minimalism…

Embrace Those Curves

Rounded edges and voluptuous vessels speak volumes without saying a word. We love the way curvy shapes are both striking and cozy at once. Even something as simple as a rounded salad serving set adds tons of visual interest to your dinner party setting, or these stacking bowls to an entryway table. The result: Subtle but show-stopping glamour.

Be sure to check out how Jill Sharp Weeks has styled our Minimalist Collection. And as we continue to add new pieces to the mix, we’d love to hear how YOU do Minimalism in your home. So let us know! P.S. You know we love pics, too…

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