Fete Home Ambassador Jenny Bohannon

Fete Home Ambassador Jenny Bohannon

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Jenny Bohannon

With awe and admiration, we’ve watched Jenny Bohannon’s Instagram account, @tallwoodcountryhouse, skyrocket. How can you not what love what she posts? From baby ducks swimming in her kitchen sink, to thrifted grandmillenial finds, copious hydrangea blooms, and of course, beautiful tablescapes. Jenny has a sophisticated eye, well beyond her years. Everything she touches is beautiful and inviting. As mothers, we appreciate that Jenny has three boys, whom she’s teaching to live with beautiful things. “There may be ducks and chickens running around during the day, but at night there’s fine china on the table,” She told Southern Living Magazine.


The renovation of Jenny’s home, Tallwood, in northern horse-country Virginia is always inspiring. But, of course, what we love most are her tables. We were thrilled to partner with her on an English Garden Breakfast Tablescape featuring our Eloquence Table Linens and Essential Flatware in Ivory mixed with vintage Vista Alegre china she scored on ebay. Read on for Jenny’s inspiration for this table, and her entertaining tips and tricks.

Fete Home: Why do you love to entertain?

Jenny Bohannon: We consider ourselves stewards of all we’ve been given and hospitality is part of stewarding well. Having been blessed by the hospitality of others, we are always happy to have the opportunity to pass on the blessing!

Fete Home: What’s something we’d always find at one of your parties?

Jenny Bohannon: My mother’s Hot Roast Beef Party Sandwiches are always a favorite; friends LOOK for them, lol. I truly can’t imagine the outcry there would be if they ever happened to be missing, lol. 

Fete Home: What’s the inspiration for today’s table?

Jenny Bohannon: Fete Home’s signature Eloquence pattern was the inspiration for our English Garden Breakfast Tablescape. The pattern is lovely and delicate and reminded us of the sort of linens you might find on the table at a Bed & Breakfast in England!

Fete Home: What are you most inspired by?

Jenny Bohannon: I am most inspired by early American history, and, with regards to design, the way in which European design influenced early American design.

Fete Home: What’s your favorite item in this Fete Home collection?

Jenny Bohannon: The Ivory Flatware that was imported from France is definitely a favorite. Truthfully, one of my favorite things about Fete Home is that they source the finest in tabletop from all over the world!!!

Fete Home: What are your tips for creating a stylish table setting?

Jenny Bohannon: Mix in antique and vintage pieces wherever possible for a collected and timeless look!

Fete Home: What’s the best party you’ve ever been to and why?

Jenny Bohannon: During my husband’s tenure on the National Security Council at the White House, the President hosted his staff and their families at historic Blair House for a Christmas luncheon. I distinctly remember the sound of carolers singing as we and other guests entered and being immediately drawn into the beauty and historical significance of our surroundings. The interiors were magnificent, even more so decorated for Christmas, the food was festive and beautifully displayed, and the White House wait staff was the epitome of professionalism in their crisp uniforms and kind manners. In a little while, the President arrived, and we all gathered into a small room to listen as he wished us all a wonderful Christmas season. It was a truly memorable occasion!

Fete Home: With a limited budget to spend on party decor, what’s the most important thing you would buy?

Jenny Bohannon: When working within a budget, statement serving pieces can add a bit of glam to any event and are often versatile enough to be incorporated into everyday decorating when not in use. We have a spectacular water dispenser I came across at Anthropologie many years ago that sits on a French chest of drawers in our entryway when not in use.

Fete Home: What’s your go-to song at Karaoke?

Jenny Bohannon: Karaoke? What’s Karaoke, lol? Seriously, though, lol....

Fete Home: What personality trait has gotten you in the most trouble?  

Jenny Bohannon: They say that your greatest strength is also your greatest weakness, and I would have to say that mine is in being a perfectionist. “Done is better than perfect” are words I try to live by!

Fete Home: Are you a good dancer?

Jenny Bohannon: Growing up in a private Christian school, we weren’t allowed to dance, so I had very little opportunity to practice, lol. Having said that, I live vicariously through Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers films, lol!!!

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