Fete Home Ambassador: Kate Smith

Kate Smith’s Instagram bio says that she specializes in “colorful, classic design with a fresh sensibility.” What’s not to love? Even without meeting her in person, we felt an immediate connection. With a background in fashion, Kate infuses her interior design with color, texture and balance. Hallmarks of her style include Chinoiserie, cabbageware, and a lot of blue and white. What’s more is that as a mother, Kate shares our ethos that rooms should be functional and practical for the entire family without skimping on style.

We are thrilled to share Kate’s wonderfully playful and colorful table with our new Fruit Placemats, Fruit Tumblers and Fruit Napkin Rings. And, read on to get to know Kate more, as well as for her sage entertaining advice.

Fete Home: Why do you love to entertain?

Kate: I love being surrounded by friends and family and celebrating all moments of life big and small. After this past year I think we’re all craving parties and being around others!  

Fete Home: What’s something we’d never find at one of your parties?

Kate: A hungry guest! I love to cook, and I always err on the side of having lots of food at a party.

Fete Home: What’s the inspiration for today’s table?

Kate: This table feels like pure summer to me. Lots of bright colors, lush flowers, and really fun! I was able to pull out a vintage fruit platter from my Grandmother which helped set the tone for the color story, and works so well with this Fete Home collection!

Fete Home: What’s your favorite item in this Fete Home collection?

Kate: So hard to choose; the entire collection is both playful and sophisticated. I’d have to say the Fruit Placemats are probably my favorite though!

Fete Home: What are your tips for creating a stylish table setting?

Kate: Lots of layers- I always like to have a mix of textures, and pieces at varying heights. Fresh flowers are always a must. And just like with the rest of my home, I like to mix vintage and antique pieces alongside the new for a truly unique, collected space.

Fete Home: What are you most inspired by?

Kate: Traveling! Every time I go somewhere new I come back with ideas. From new recipes and drinks, to new design ideas for the table. I love seeing how other cultures live, eat and entertain!  

Fete Home: If you could throw a party anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Kate: Beirut; It’s such a magical city! Mezze is ideal for entertaining, the sea views are gorgeous, and the people know how to party!  

Fete Home: What's your go to song at Karaoke?

Kate: I should start by saying that I have a comically bad voice, but that’s never stopped me from belting something out. “Shoop” by Salt-N-Pepa is always a crowd pleaser! I may not remember what I did yesterday, but somehow 90’s lyrics are branded into my mind forever.

Fete Home: Are you a good dancer? Please explain.

Kate: Not sure if I’m good, but I LOVE to dance! Whether it’s a big party, or just an impromptu dance party with my kids, whenever I hear music I’m bound to be moving along.

Fete Home: If you could have any super power what would it be?

Kate: I’d love to be able to be in more than one place at a time! Between running a design business and raising a young family, it would be ideal to be everywhere at once!

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