Wayfarer Linen Fabric (by the yard)

Sale price$95.00
Wayfarer Printed Linen Fabric Blue
Wayfarer Printed Linen Fabric Black

Wayfarer Linen Fabric (by the yard)

Sale price$95.00
Color:Wayfarer Black

A wayfarer is one who travels by foot. But our new linen fabric does not go at it alone. The screenprint pattern takes its influence from an ikat, a traditional Uzbek style of weave. It was typically worn by royalty and dates back more than 500 years. From India, the fabric is made of thick, soft, high-quality linen.

We have designed and produced this fabric exclusively. You will only find it here.
100% softened linen.
Qtys sold by the yard.


54" width
Repeats: 20.5" vertical / 12.5" horizontal


Machine wash in cool water with like colors. Line dry and use warm iron when necessary. Spot clean if used on upholstery.
Things to avoid: bleach, machine drying and dry cleaning.