Artist Spotlight Susan Thornbury

Artist Spotlight: Susan Thornbury

Fete Home spotlights a new artist each month and showcases a collection of original artwork, exclusively available on for a limited time only. We are proud to represent Susan Thornbury for the month of April'23.
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Susan's work evokes a sense of the mystic, a quality that is near-impossible to resist. The alchemy of her pieces lies in the juxtaposition of intricate detail and bold designs.

Susan Thornbury art

Susan Thornbury is a mixed media artist with a lifelong passion for creativity and experimentation. Always driven to create and explore various artistic mediums. Initially attending Savannah College of Art and Design, she found herself feeling restricted by the traditional art school approach and pivoted towards pursuing a degree in psychology and eventually graphic design.

Over the course of her twenty-year career as a web and graphic designer, Susan had the opportunity to explore a wide range of materials and techniques, leading her to play with more nontraditional materials and develop a unique and unconventional artistic process.

Meet The Artist ...

Drawing inspiration from vintage patterns, antique heirlooms, and organic elements, as well as her background in design, Susan Thornbury approaches each piece with a solid structure and repetition. She builds rich layers of hand-mixed colors and glazes on wood canvas then deconstructs and ages to reveal intricate details and depth. Blending nontraditional materials, mediums, and techniques, she creates a one-of-a-kind piece that draws the viewer in to explore the complexity and detail.

Susan Thornbury the artist

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