We create swank home accessories at effortless prices.

We are Fete Home. We believe that homes are sanctuaries for celebration, mood and personality. We love designing product and believe that every object you place in your home sparks joy, encourages celebration and tells a story. We are two women who, very simply, love living in our homes and never want this story to end.

We’re one part spreadsheet jockey and one part architecture geek, both committed to entrepreneurship, our families, and living life to the fullest. Former Bunny Williams Home execs, our heritage is one of elegance and gracious living.

We design our products for real life. With several new collections each year, our look is multifaceted and inclusive, always with a modern perspective. We aim to enhance your style, not dictate our style.

And by the way, we only sell to you. No retailers and no mark ups. So live, love and celebrate your home.