We know ... this is everyone's least favorite subject! Believe us when we say, it is ours as well. We would much rather focus on offering beautiful things than thinking about this! And as much as we wish we could offer free shipping, it is just very hard for a small business in today's complicated landscape. BUT we want to be as transparent with you as we can. Directly below are our shipping rates. Please keep in mind that we don't hide shipping rates within product costs and we've done our very best to keep these rates as low as possible.

 Orders totalling:

                          $0 - $50 will be charged $12.50 for s&h

                          $51 - $200 will be charged $18.50 for s&h

                          $201 - $500 will be charged $25.00 for s&h

                          $501 and up will be given FREE SHIPPING

Meet Our Founder

Jen Potter

"I look for silver linings. It is within those unexpected
moments of beauty that I find my strength."

I’ve always felt lucky to be a bit ambidextrous when it comes to using both sides of my brain. My mom, Clare Potter, is an insanely talented artist and I grew up in her studio. Creation was just part of our every day language. We would talk about “itchy fingers” when coming up with ideas for parties or presents or anything to break out the vast supply of antique beads and textiles. But when I began working, I landed in the financial services arena. While I relished any creative project I could get my hands on in off hours, the majority of my career was business oriented. In 2008, a chance encounter with the legendary Bunny Williams put me on a new track. I was thrilled to join her team to oversee finance and operations at Bunny Williams Home. I felt incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by such brilliantly creative minds. And after 10 years, my own creative side was ready to stand on its own. I took a deep breath and plunged into entrepreneurial life by founding Fete Home, a colorful and pattern-packed home decor haven.

Our Mission Is Simple

Sophisticated Joy

We offer an array of home decor, from fabric by the yard and wallpaper to table linens and more. I believe that your home should be your haven, a place of inspiration, and the only rule I follow is that your decor should fill you with happiness.

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