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Artist Spotlight: Katherine Stratton Miller

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When I was first introduced to Katherine's work, I felt as though I was walking through a dream. Her whimsical style and unique creativity brought me immediate happiness.

Influenced by the beauty in nature and everyday objects, Nashville native
Katherine Stratton Miller began creating art at an early age as she was permitted to
draw on her bedroom walls by her art-enthusiast parents. Possessing a zeal for all
of the arts, Katherine’s influences are wide and many, including her love of
botanicals stemming from her youth spent on her family’s farm. She also finds
that painting nostalgic objects near to her heart generates a joy and endearing
connection with others.



Garden Series


“I hope when people view my work, they find joy in the simplicity and subtle nature of each piece. My compositions are meant to bring happiness and a lightness to one’s spirit.”


~ Katherine


Meet The Artist ...



After earning a Fine Arts degree in painting, Katherine began a career as a graphic designer and art director in the Nashville music industry. During her tenure, she
designed and art directed photo shoots, packaging, and marketing for the artists’ record labels and management companies.
After gathering more than 10 years of experience, Katherine returned to her love of painting. Her whimsical watercolors, painted in sharp composition, quickly became a hit with designers and collectors throughout the country.

Katherine loves the outdoors, her summer garden, cooking, reading, the daily Wordle, travel, and of course friends and family!
Katherine Stration Miller the artist
Katherine Stratton Miller

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