Lucy "Clare" Spooner

Artist Spotlight: Lucy "Clare" Spooner

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I've always been drawn to loosely sketched watercolors. Being able to see the hand in them and letting them lead you in a direction without telling you exactly where to go. Clare Spooner's anemone series is such a wonderful example of this emotion. There is such gentle sophistication in these works and I'm honored to host this brilliant artist for the month of June.

Lucy "Clare" Spooner is a visual artist, living and working in New York City. She has studied art at the University of Virginia, the Marchutz School of Fine Arts (Aix-en-Provence, France), the New York Studio School, and the Art Students League of New York. Clare works in many media, though primarily oil and watercolor.

Lucy "Clare" Spooner Art
Lucy "Clare" Spooner​

Clare and I met by happenstance in the summer of 2020. She was showing her work at a small gallery in Sag Harbor where a friend was hosting a fully masked, outdoor trunk show. My husband, kids and I were so excited to finally venture out of the house and this was such a welcomed opportunity to see beautiful work. My kids fell in love with Clare's blue crab paintings (they are truly special) and she and I found much common ground around art, small business and our love of watercolor. Welcome Clare, to Fete Home's latest Artist Spotlight and cheers to this gorgeous series of works!



Anemones from Sofie's Party

My dear friend Sofie threw a dinner party recently with such careful thought and heart. She cooked heavenly lasaga, covered dates in chocolate and designed her table with an enchanting group of anemones that she gathered at the flower market in NYC. When I sat down at her table, I knew I had to paint them. One of the things I love most about being an artist is recognizing fragile moments in time and turning them into something that, in theory, lasts and lasts.

~ Clare

Meet The Artist ...

Colors I'm Drawn To: I love blues and greens for my own fashion and interiors but use *all* colors when I paint (color theory!!).

Favorite Place To Be: In the impressionist wing at the Met on a quiet weekend evening OR strolling along the Seine while munching on a baguette.

Favorite Tool: A 2B pencil; simple tools are the best tools. 

Thoughts About Fete: I’ve always been drawn to how Fête pieces pull a table together in a way that can be mixed and matched around, and I love the mélange of textures.
Shannon Noble the artist
Shannon Noble​

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Shannon Noble​
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