Shannon Noble Art

Artist Spotlight: Shannon Noble

I fell in love with Shannon's sunsets the moment I saw them. Little did I know what they represented. Shannon is the genesis of creativity to the next generation and I'm so proud to show her work here.

Shannon Noble art
Shannon Noble Art​

Shannon Noble is best known for her colorful and energetic personality and love for teaching children art.  The owner and instructor behind Paint with Shannon, and first-fourth grade art teacher at Bayside Academy in Daphine, AL.  

Shannon received a Bachelors of Fine Art/Art Education from Auburn University Montgomery, and has been teaching and inspiring young artists for over 23 years.  She currently lives in Fairhope, AL with her husband Jon and has three children; Shelby, Jon Wesley, and Elizabeth.

Shannon's work is inspired by her love of Color and her little artists fearless and spontaneous creativity.  She is obsessed with color, coloring outside the lines, layering's all about the

Bold Bright COLOR!

Shannon Noble Art
Shannon Noble​
Shannon Noble Art
Shannon Noble​​

Shannon and I met through Instagram and the bond was immediate. Aside from her talent, anyone who says "texting is my way until 2PM each day" has my vote! I fell in love with her postcard sunset series and upon closer glance, I noticed the unmistakeable "Briland" titles (short for Harbor Island, Bahamas). It was basically all over at that point - we were going to be friends whether Shannon liked it or not! You see when my toes are in the sand, I'm at my most happy point. And if I'm lucky enough to find Bahamian sand, well then I can't ask for more. After many texts about the adoration we both have for this tiny precious island, we decided her sunsets needed to have another spin. So here is Fete Home's latest Artist Spotlight. I am continuously grateful to meet incredible artists like Shannon and I hope you'll find her work as uplifting and inspirational as I do.



Chasing Sunsets

People say that salt and water particles floating around closer to the beach scatter even more of the light, making the gorgeous colors oft he sunset even more vibrant and intense. Whatever the cause, I am a lover of sunsets over the water and want to travel the world chasing them and bringing them to life in my artwork. My latest sunset series is inspired by the brilliant sunsets of "Palm Beach", Florida.

~ Shannon

Meet The Artist ...

Favorite Color: My favorite color is The Rainbow, but if I had to pick a couple, hot pink is definitely close to the top, for its bold brightness, and periwinkle/Bahama blue would follow for its crisp, calming, clear perfection.

Favorite Place To Be: By the water with my family, my favorite people.

Favorite Tool: The most important artist tools are paper and or canvas but my favorite tool hands down would be COLOR that my paints provide. 

Thoughts About Fete: I love Fete Home and founder Jennifer’s love for color and colorful coastal design, but my absolute favorite part about Fete Home is that every piece is gorgeous and versatile.
Shannon Noble the artist
Shannon Noble​

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