Jennifer Potter (Founder, Fete Home) + Kim Delgado (Founder, Mary Stuart Flowers)

Fete Home Collaborations: Mary Stuart Flowers

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Spring has sprung, and wow do we have some exciting things in store! We've been hard at work this winter, crafting up all kinds of new products and discovering new ways to showcase our beloved textiles and patterns. We could think of no better way than to kick off this joyful and colorful season with some fresh tabletop inspiration and new product intros coupled with brilliant floral stylings.

Corinne Parker Photography​​

Introducing, our "Serendipity" linen napkins. This pattern has sparked joy from inception and now we're offering it in a hand blocked linen napkin. Available in three color way and shown above in turquoise + brown, a perfect compliment to our Trouvaille tablecloth!

Fabrics + Flowers

One of the things I feel most grateful for are the creative collaborations I've found along the way. Enter my new, and already dear friend Kim Delgado, founder of Mary Stuart Flowers
. We met through Instagram but as luck (speaking of serendipity!) would have it, she and I live 5 minutes down the road from each other. 

Kim's floral artistry is a true gift. Her effortless creations are whimsical and organic. But more importantly, she seems to place flowers exactly where they are naturally meant to go, a quality she attributes to watching her grandmother but clearly has her own natural talent! 

She and I recently collaborated on several tablescapes (brilliantly photographed by Corinne Parker) that I'm so proud to share with you here. As always, I hope they spark inspiration and joy!



The Perfect Pairing: the vibrant green of our "Talisman" table linens and the bright green tomatoes was a feast for the eyes and a symphony of color! Then we the cut tomato and it was a mirror image of the hues of the mimosa, narcissus, tulips and saponaria. Nature was definitely on our side!​​

The best thing about meeting and collaborating with creative peers is the boundless potential that comes from combining mindsets. Whenever I let my guard down and open up to the opinion of others, I'm often surprised by the unexpected ideas that come about, leading to new and exciting projects. 

After fairly little prep, we knew we were in pretty good shape for the shoot when our text exchange looked like this ...

Kim: I hope you don't mind if I get a little editorial and load the table up with fun fruits + veggies.

Jennifer: You're talking to someone whose favorite prop on my last shoot was an artichoke 😘.

Corinne Parker Photography​​
Kim believes that floral design should compliment, accent and enhance the natural beauty of the season and she is always searching out the unexpected element that will bring a design into its moment. When we paired our "Meraki" print with this stunning arrangement, the look oozed with chic sophistication.​​. 

Credit Where Credit Is Due!

Kim Delgado is Founder and the brilliant mind behind Mary Stuart Flowers. She's been in love with flowers since childhood and while she credits her grandmother as her inspiration, she has developed a wonderfully unique style of her own.

Corinne Parker is a lifestyle and family photographer based in Connecticut. She has a positive energy that is only matched by her incredible talent to bring out the best of each set she captures. She is also simply a joy to be around.