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A Moment of Gratitude

To all the insanely talented creatives who have used Fete Home in your ultimate designs, thank you. It is an awe inspiring moment to look at the landscape of design and feel so welcomed into it.
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To all the insanely talented creatives who have used Fete Home in your ultimate designs ...


It is an awe inspiring moment to look at the landscape of design and feel so welcomed by such professionals. Whether intended or not, you have become a driving force behind our brand and you provide inspiration for all of our future offerings.  And very simply, I am grateful. 

This is the first of (hopefully) many montages of joyful memories that celebrate everyone who has celebrated us.


1. Anne Hulcher Tollett of Hanover Avenue is a divine designer, insanely inspirational mom and my very good friend (lucky me!). Her talent is exponential. 

2. Susan Feldman is a visionary in the world of "Home". Despite being the Founder of One Kings Lane and In The Groove, her current passion is to shine a light on the talent, beauty, vibrancy and genius of age-defying women. Inspirational? YES!

3. Kimberly Schlegel Whitman makes nearly everything, extraordinary. She is the consummate entertainer and has authored countless books on design and the love of home.

4. Raquel Corvino came to us several years back looking for interesting dinnerware for a wedding she was planning. Little did we know the result! Spectacular, just like all of her work. 

5. Any time our patterns are used in another's design plan is an enormous complement. When that design plan includes a wedding day ... well, we're just bowled over. Over The Moon featured this image with our tablecloths and we started to dance. This was a very proud moment! This pattern is called "Eloquence" and it dances in whimsy and delight!

6. Well ... Brian Patrick Flynn needs absolutely no introduction but we'll do our best! He is a designer, he is an HGTV darling and he knows exactly what he is doing when it comes to "home"! We still revel in the moment that he included our "Blithe" pillow in this shot.  

7. Carolyn Bender knows entertaining! She has a keen sense of mixing styles and finding a joyous medium of chic. We love how she celebrates color and rejoices in the mix!

8. Writer. Decorator. Editor. But that is just the tip of this very talented iceberg! Zoe Gowan worked as a senior editor at Southern Living highlighting her passion for design and entertaining. She is now an accomplished designer and style ambassador. 

9. Sarah Tucker + Molly Boyd are the best! From fashion to travel to home, they are in the know. We feel so grateful to have partnered with them. 

10. OK, OK ... we know this is close to home but if you can't celebrate the ones you love, then what is the point?! 
Clare Potter might be THE MOST TALENTED ARTIST OF OUR TIME (sorry that was her daughter talking) but she also knows a thing or two about what makes a peaceful and loving room. She also firmly believes in fresh flowers next to the bed :). 

11. Blue + White + a puppy?? Oh yes please! Kayce Hughes is a brilliant contemporary artist, entrepreneur, friend, mom and pretty much all of the things. She can make old look new, new look old, aged looked storied and everyday look chic. Yep, we're fans :).     

12. Kate (The Everyday Hostess) is a self proclaimed “30-something” Colorado native with a heart in Texas out to prove that a busy family and schedule can’t stop you from having a wonderful dinner party and beautiful home! Bravo Kate! And thank you for taking us along for the ride!

Pasha is a new friend but we immediately felt a connection. Her love for decor,  outdoor living and penchant for travel spoke to us! We loved this collaboration with our Talisman Tablecloth. Such summer vibes!

14. Danielle Rollins continues to inspire us. Her effortless style and charm are such a breath of fresh air! She is a fabulous designer, creator and style maven!

15. Best for last? :)
Samantha Yanks has been a Fete Home loyalist since we broke the news of our launch and we are humbled by her support. She's kind of done it all! Vogue, Oprah, TheCTEdit and now, EIC of Westport Magazine. 

Much more to come with many others that 

we admire near and far!

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