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Fete Home Collaborations: Vieve

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Impossible to believe that Memorial Day is in the rearview mirror but that means that the wonderfully vast landscape of summer days are officially here! In celebration of our most favorite season, we're bringing you new designs, new inspo and lots of fresh color. 

Hello Summer - we're ready for you!

Fete Home Picnic
Corinne Parker Photography​​

Textiles + Totes

Oh, the thrill of unexpected collaborations! Don't you just love it when someone comes into you life and sparks a whole new level of creativity within you? New worlds of possibility open up when you collaborate with the right people. And the best ones aren't necessarily for monetary gain. They not only inspire us to be greater but lift us up to get there. They also tend to fall out of the blue so be sure to keep your eyes open because these are chances that you don't want to miss.

Case in point, Genny Treacy, a living tornado of enthusiasm and positivity. Genny exudes an energy that is spellbinding and her line is an extension her wonderful selfVieve, offers an exclusive resort line of bags and totes and aims to invoke a bohemian, free-spirited vibe by infusing the history-rich beauty of women-led artistry by the Wayuu peopleVieve's bags are original, colorful and scream summer.

Jennifer Potter + Genny Treacy
Fete Home Picnic with Vieve Tote Bags

Genny and I met last fall at a sales event where we found ourselves quite bored (not the best sales event!) and got to chatting. She put one of her bags down on one of my tablecloths and both of our eyes widened and locked. The creative excitement was tangible and ideas started flowing. We may have even done a little happy dance 🤣. We found strong connection in starting businesses while raising kids, global sourcing in a post Covid world, supply chain nightmares as a small brand and maintaining a strong voice in the very noisy sea of social media (btw pls like/follow/share @fetehome and @vieve.ny please 😁). Admitting how hard things are is not a bad thing. I think we're often too scared to let our defenses down but when we do, we learn from each other, we empathize with each other and we help each other.

Beyond our entrepreneurial compassion for one another, we found a harmonious connection between my patterns and Genny's bags and we knew we could showcase both in a way that was inspirational. While we design in different industries, Genny in fashion and me in home, we have linked arms in a variety of events and I am so grateful for this amazing friendship. This summer picnic shoot (photographed by the always amazing Corinne Parker) was the result of our most recent creative tête-à-tête. My hope, as always, is that this sparks inspiration and joy!



Jennifer Potter Founder Fete Home
Fete Home Cheese Board

"Our heavy cotton tablecloths are incredibly versatile. In addition to sprucing up a table, they serve as the best picnic blankets in the park or on the beach!"

Fete Home Picnic

Vieve recently introduced their "Wine Tote" which is perfection. The most amazing gift! 

And even better when filled with Scout + Cellar clean crafted wines!

Fete Home + Vieve Picnic

Credit Where Credit Is Due!

Vieve is a woman-owned, luxury resort brand. Created by founder and fashion industry veteran, Genevieve Treacy, the brand aims to invoke a bohemian, free-spirited vibe by infusing the history-rich beauty of women-led artistry by the Wayuu people with fresh, natural yet stylish, bags and totes.

Corinne Parker is a lifestyle and family photographer based in Connecticut. She has a positive energy that is only matched by her incredible talent to bring out the best of each set she captures. She is also simply a joy to be around.