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A Fresh New Fete: Creation With Soul

Jennifer Potter reimagines Fete Home into a free world of color, pattern and imagination. There are no rules in design, just emotion and passion.
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Yup ... We Look Different! 

Fete Home has a brand new face ... and logo ... and website! There is a reason and I hope you'll take a moment to hear the story. We've spent many hours looking at the soul of this business and think we're better for it.

"I look for silver linings. It is within those unexpected moments of beauty that I find my strength."

This business has been one of the most amazing, terrifying, exciting, challenging, terrible, spectacular experiences of my life. I have built it on my back and I am proud of every inch of it ... even the failures (really lessons). 

Fete Home launched just shy of COVID and like so many, in March of 2020, we learned to (I will not willingly say the word "pivot" - it is too traumatic) adjust. I'm the first to admit, we lost sight of the reason that drove me to begin this business. 

And so, YIKES, this is scary but here I am, presenting myself and this business to an established audience with the authentic reason as to why I'd like to remain here and continue to earn your trust.

I hope you'll you'll read on ...

The "January-March" Phenomenon

Each year, as New Year's Day approaches, I try to remind myself that my most thoughtful work takes place between January and March. It is in those sleepy months of winter that allow me to think deeply about my goals, my dreams and the reality behind both in order to make them happen. I try to remember that the moment April 1st is upon us, the year seems to pass before my eyes. Even as I write this, we're on the eve of May. MAY! And before I know it, this scarf around my neck will turn into sunscreen. For the last several months, I've reveled in my January of 2023. I did what I wanted to do. I sat quietly and I breathed. I considered. I thought about what I wanted this business to represent. Between all of life's wonderfully complex responsibilities, I actually found some quiet moments to think. 

Think About Trees, Remember How They Grow

When I was in high school, my mom gave me the book Follow Your Heart by Susanna Tamaro and it changed my life. Through a tumultuous story you reach the most pivotal life advice ... When at a crossroads, take a moment. No matter how rushed or stressful, think about why we're doing what we're doing. What is the purpose. What is the goal. Think about trees, remember how they grow. I did this in January of 2023. In this insane world, I actually did this and that is a moment to celebrate.

Through this process of reflection, I fell back in love with the business started pre-Covid. A joyful wheel of color and pattern. I want you to turn to me for pattern and color and inspiration. These things can (and will) come in many forms. Textiles, table + home decor, accessories, holiday treasures. I want to be your spark of inspiration in finding joy. After all, isn't that why we're here? 

For the first time in a few years, I'm starting to feel like the roots of this idea, however young, are starting to grow in tandem with the branches. And I am so grateful that you are here with me! 

"Every time you feel lost, confused, think about trees, remember how they grow. Remember that a tree with lots of branches and few roots will get toppled by the first strong wind, while the sap hardly moves in a tree with many roots and few branches. Roots and branches must grow in equal measure, you have to stand both inside of things and above them, because only then will you be able to offer shade and shelter, only then will you be able to cover yourself with leaves and fruit at the proper season.

And later on, when so many roads open up before you, you don't know which to take, don't pick one at random; sit down and wait. Breathe deeply, trustingly, the way you breathed on the day when you came into the world, don't let anything distract you, wait and wait some more. Stay still, be quiet, and listen to your heart. Then, when it speaks, get up and go where it takes you."

New Ways To Shop

We love putting looks together and our color stories all work together. Each image will be easily shoppable. This is a no brainer.

A Focus On Pattern

Our new focus will consistently be on pattern. This is what inspires and drives us. Expect to see new ways to explore, shop and design with Fete Home's patterns. And more importantly, let us start to actually introduce you to the patterns that inspired this business. 

Enter stage right ... "Talisman"! The driving force behind all that we're doing this spring. Each time we bring this pattern up to recolor or translate onto to new product, good things happen. Our patterns have real personalities and we can't wait to introduce you to others!

Collaborations Strengthen

One of the things I feel most grateful for are the creative collaborations I've found along the way. Forget competition. Silence it. Perpetuate burgeoning businesses. If you want to say that we're all in this together, mean it! I continually look for interesting ways to showcase our product with others. There is no wrong way. As the brilliant Tom Brown reminds me, the audience doesn't have the script ;) so just create!

Credit Where Credit Is Due

I'll be honest, when I began the process of reimagining this company I had no idea where to start. Through some Google roulette luck, I happened upon Allegra Anderson. One of the most brilliant photographers I've worked with. Truth be told that I have never (EVER) felt comfortable in front of a lens and yet the moment I stepped in front of Allegra, all of the things changed. She immediately saw ME and therefore I acted like me and the pictures reflected the same. Beyond her great photographic talent, she is a good soul and one that I truly am so grateful for.

Allegra introduced me to Connecticut Photo Studio and that's really what put this vision into play. I looked at that gorgeous organic background and immediately saw our tablecloths tied to those gorgeous rafters. And while the space has been perfectly set for any vision, I must say that there is something really valuable about working with really good people.
Allegra Anderson Photography
Allegra Anderson Photography​
CT Photography Studio
CT Photography Studio​